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Calling a towing service to transport your car in an exercise in trust. As a customer, you want to have full confidence that the towing service moving your vehicle has the experience, the equipment, and the coverage to provide the best customer service experience. With over 25 years’ experience in the Charlotte Metro area you can trust your local TopDogz Team of full-time towing professionals to move your car or truck quickly and safely – all at a price that’s extremely competitive.

Calling a car towing service

Researching A Towing Service Ahead of Time

“It” happens.  It’s just a fact of life.  When you’re on the road it is impossible to know exactly when you’ll need help should the unexpected “it” occur.   Fortunately you can avoid, at least some, of the stress by choosing [...]

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Stranded Towing Service Top-5

Top Five Reasons Why People Call A Towing Service

We’ve been in the towing business for a long time.  Over the years of towing cars and trucks in Charlotte there’s probably not a scenario we haven’t seen.  Like the time we salvaged a motorcycle out of a tree or [...]

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Switching to Synthetic Oil?

Is It Worth Switching to Synthetic Oil?

While it may be a bit more expensive at first glance, there are many people who are now finding that the performance and value of synthetic oil will be well worth the cost over conventional oil.  Does the healthy premium [...]

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Finding the Right Towing Service Provider

Tips for Finding the Right Towing Service Provider

Are you having trouble finding the right towing service? Perhaps you have been stranded while on a road trip, and need to find a service that will help you with long-distance towing? Or maybe you have a medium-duty vehicle or [...]

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Motorcycle Shipping

Top Dogz Motorcycle Shipping Service

Towing a motorcycle by yourself can be risky.  Unlike their 4-wheeled counterparts motorcycle have no balance and stability for transport without an operator.  That’s why it’s super-important to properly secure your 2-Wheeler during transport – especially for the twists and [...]

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Long Distance Towing Service

Our Long Distance Towing Service

Towing a vehicle long distance isn’t something just anyone can do.  At the very least it requires an experience driver and the use of a durable flatbed tow truck, one with plenty of space to safely and securely carry your [...]

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Top-Dogz Towing Service Charlotte NC

Choosing the Right Towing Company Charlotte NC

With the amount of service companies and roadside assistance options out there, it’s hard to tell the good from the bad.

With over 25 year experience we know what a great towing company looks like and strive everyday to meet those [...]

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Our 24 Hour Towing Service

Our 24 Hour Towing Service

Whether you need a tow out of a ditch,  a jump start for a dead battery, help with your flat tire, lockout services or anything in-between – you need a professional towing company that can address the situation on your [...]

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