Need A Tow Truck At Night In Charlotte? Here’s What To Do

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Need A Tow Truck At Night In Charlotte? Here’s What To Do

Cars run longer and better than ever before. Modern manufacturing, particularly in America, has taken decades to catch up to the quality and caliber of cars and automobiles provided from Asian companies, but it has happened. The average car owner keeps their car over a decade now, and problems are prevented more than ever before. Advances in electronics and computer technology have been at the forefront of this, as cars can monitor themselves for potential issues and warn drivers or technicians in advance.

For all these great developments though, breakdowns and accidents still happen. All the technology in the world can’t prevent tires from blowing out ever, nor can they stop bad weather or bad drivers. As long as you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, there’s always a chance something will happen. Technology might minimize the impact and make you safer, but there’s still a chance you’ll end up stranded at night on a Charlotte highway.

Additionally, local factors can play into things, like severe summer thunderstorms after a day of high temperatures and humidity break the local atmosphere or hungry deer trotting across the road in search of leaves to munch on in the growing sprawl around the Queen City.

Stay Calm

Should you find yourself on the side of a Charlotte highway when it’s dark, the first thing to do is to not panic. Make sure that you are physically safe and that your passengers are too. Hopefully, whatever brought your car to a stop at least gave you the chance to make it to the shoulder or curb and get out of the traffic lanes.

Steer Clear Of Traffic

If anyone does get out of the car, make sure they stay out of traffic lanes and also a few feet away too in order to avoid getting hit by anyone not driving straight. Put your blinkers on if the car is able, and if your car’s emergency supplies have emergency markers or road flares, you might want to put one or two out in the hundred feet or more behind your car to warn motorists to slow down or pull into left-hand lanes.

Call For Assistance

Call for assistance once you are physically safe. Charlotte, North Carolina is a major city, and the region is home to millions of people. The terrain is also relatively level, so wireless service providers have great coverage over the area with few dead spots, particularly along major roads. Some major road corridors even have Wi-Fi coverage you can log into if you have an account with the provider.

If you’re not able to call for assistance or you’re just sitting and waiting on it, stay alert for anyone who stops to help you out. Most are good Samaritan citizens, but you never know for sure, so anytime you don’t feel quite right, it’s okay to keep your car locked and windows up, just telling them help is already on the way.

Fortunately, most Charlotte highways are patrolled by state troopers regularly, as well as Charlotte police and possibly even the county sheriff’s office.

Need a Tow Truck Charlotte NC?

Top Dogz Towing in Charlotte NC offers comprehensive, professional roadside assistance services available 24 hours a day – every day. And because we’re centrally located in Charlotte, we can guarantee our arrival at your location within 30 minutes of your call or sooner.

Whether you’re in need of a reliable roadside towing service, jump-start assistance, lockout services, or you’ve been involved in an accident, you will always receive best-in-class service from Top Dogz Towing.

Simply give us a call at 704-774-8669 and one of our knowledgeable towing service reps will be ready to assist you.