How to Safely Break into Your Own Car [Part – I]

How to Safely Break into Your Own Car [Part – I]

Nothing can be as frustrating when you see your keys shining on the dashboard of your car and it’s locked. You don’t even have the spare keys handy – kicking the dirt or pull your hair seems like the only [...]

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Getting Help On The Highway

Things To Do After a Highway Breakdown

There is no one size fits all approach here when it comes to highway breakdowns. The aftermaths are sometimes stressful and we end up doing silly stuff. All highway breakdowns are not created equally but there are some basic steps [...]

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Our 24 Hour Towing Service

Need A Tow Truck At Night In Charlotte? Here’s What To Do

Cars run longer and better than ever before. Modern manufacturing, particularly in America, has taken decades to catch up to the quality and caliber of cars and automobiles provided from Asian companies, but it has happened. The average car owner [...]

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Road Flares

How To Use Road Flares Safely

During the many towing service stops or accident in Charlotte NC, we’ve seen a number of customers employ road flares near their stranded vehicle, we’ve also seen our fair share of people with serious burns from improper handling.  While they [...]

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Calling a car towing service

Researching A Towing Service Ahead of Time

“It” happens.  It’s just a fact of life.  When you’re on the road it is impossible to know exactly when you’ll need help should the unexpected “it” occur.   Fortunately you can avoid, at least some, of the stress by choosing [...]

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Advice for New Drivers

6 Driving Tips for New Drivers

Are you a newly minted driver or perhaps preparing to take your road test for a license?  For the safety of yourself and other motorists around you, you’ll want to make sure you’ve mastered all of the most essential driving [...]

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Stranded Towing Service Top-5

Top Five Reasons Why People Call A Towing Service

We’ve been in the towing business for a long time.  Over the years of towing cars and trucks in Charlotte there’s probably not a scenario we haven’t seen.  Like the time we salvaged a motorcycle out of a tree or [...]

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Switching to Synthetic Oil?

Is It Worth Switching to Synthetic Oil?

While it may be a bit more expensive at first glance, there are many people who are now finding that the performance and value of synthetic oil will be well worth the cost over conventional oil.  Does the healthy premium [...]

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Winch Recovery

Roadside Assistance Services: Winching And Recovery

Ever been caught in a ditch?  Don’t worry – you’re not alone.  Numerous vehicle owners have had the frustrating experience of having their cars become stuck in a snow bank or ditch.  Worse part is:  most vehicles aren’t equipped to [...]

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Locked Keys in Car

Locked Keys in Car? Let Us Help…

Few things are as frustrating as locking your keys in your own vehicle.  Especially when the car is on.  And your late.  The good news is: as maddeningly frustrating as it is, avoiding leaving your keys in your vehicles is [...]

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