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Stuff happens. This is as true in life on the open road as it is in life. You never really can plan for exactly when the unexpected breakdown or service need will happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a trusted towing service on speed dial in case the need arises. If you’re a driver in need in the Charlotte metropolitan area, give the professionals at Top Dogz Towing service a call at (704) 774-8669 and one of our trained towing service professional will be available to assist you.

Getting Help On The Highway

Things To Do After a Highway Breakdown

There is no one size fits all approach here when it comes to highway breakdowns. The aftermaths are sometimes stressful and we end up doing silly stuff. All highway breakdowns are not created equally but there are some basic steps [...]

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Road Flares

How To Use Road Flares Safely

During the many towing service stops or accident in Charlotte NC, we’ve seen a number of customers employ road flares near their stranded vehicle, we’ve also seen our fair share of people with serious burns from improper handling.  While they [...]

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Winch Recovery

Roadside Assistance Services: Winching And Recovery

Ever been caught in a ditch?  Don’t worry – you’re not alone.  Numerous vehicle owners have had the frustrating experience of having their cars become stuck in a snow bank or ditch.  Worse part is:  most vehicles aren’t equipped to [...]

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Locked Keys in Car

Locked Keys in Car? Let Us Help…

Few things are as frustrating as locking your keys in your own vehicle.  Especially when the car is on.  And your late.  The good news is: as maddeningly frustrating as it is, avoiding leaving your keys in your vehicles is [...]

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Need Roadside Assistance?

Reduce Your Chances Of Needing Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is not something normally on the minds of most people.  That is, unless it’s actually needed during an unforeseen event or emergency that can’t be handled on their own.  And frankly, although we make a living from towing and [...]

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roadside tire service near me

Roadside Tire Services

Since tires are the only component of a vehicle that actually touch the road, ensuring the tires are in good condition is an important factory for the safety of both the driver and his/her passengers.  Ill-maintained or bald tires are much more [...]

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Car Battery Jump Start Service

Jump Start Car Service

Most of us have had the unfortunate pleasure of hearing the dreaded “click-click-click” upon turning the key in your ignition as your car’s starter attempts – unsuccessfully – to turn over your engine.  Usually occurring when you’re running late for [...]

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