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Need a Tow Truck in the Charlotte, NC Metro area? Begin the process by giving us a call directly at (704) 774-8669 or by reading our articles on towing service expectations, how to stay safe while waiting for a tow truck to arrive, and information on costs associated with our suite of towing and roadside assistance services.

Our 24 Hour Towing Service

Need A Tow Truck At Night In Charlotte? Here’s What To Do

Cars run longer and better than ever before. Modern manufacturing, particularly in America, has taken decades to catch up to the quality and caliber of cars and automobiles provided from Asian companies, but it has happened. The average car owner [...]

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Advice for New Drivers

6 Driving Tips for New Drivers

Are you a newly minted driver or perhaps preparing to take your road test for a license?  For the safety of yourself and other motorists around you, you’ll want to make sure you’ve mastered all of the most essential driving [...]

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Flatbed Tow Truck Towing a Car

Why We Use Flatbed Tow Trucks, And Why You Should Too…

On the surface the role of a tow-truck is pretty simple:  move damaged, immobile, or otherwise indisposed motor vehicles from point A to point B. Wait, are you looking to have it moved damage-free?  Well now, that makes it a bit [...]

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Tow Truck Safety

Need a Tow Truck? Put Your Safety First

Tow truck professionals spend their days and nights assisting drivers experiencing car trouble or emergencies while driving on the highway. Sometimes these emergencies require a simple like a battery jump or unlocking a car door locked with the keys inside. Sometimes [...]

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Tow Truck Charlotte NC

Need a Tow Truck Charlotte NC? Here’s what to Expect from Top Dogz

Emergencies tend to happen at the least convenient times – and places.  They aren’t planned and they certainly aren’t welcomed.  It’s no different with emergencies on the road.  While you aren’t able to pick the time and place of your [...]

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